Oley U4 comes with a thrust floor scrubber

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Have you ever thought about using a floor washing machine without pushing it hard💥? Oley U4 black technology, self-traction thrust🚀, allows you to feel the power of the floor scrubber without pushing it, and you can do dry mopping, ironing and mopping in one machine! Ultra-light 3kg design🏃🏻‍♀️, perfect for home use in Hong Kong🇭🇰, it is difficult to clean jam/oil/hair/dust/mung beans/red beans👏🏻, self-contained disinfectant electrolyzed water⚡️, ready to use, white beads Bacteria/E. coli/Staphylococcus aureus are all eliminated🧹!

Oley improves life with black technology

💪🏻 Comes with traction ⚡️ Comes with electrolyzed water for cleaning and disinfection 🥴3kg extra light design 🤖Intelligent frequency conversion for more energy saving 🔋45 minutes of high battery life 📺Rolling brush automatic cleaning 🉐Super large suction to recover up to 99% of stubborn stains
🦠99.9% bactericidal power

Original licensed goods with one year maintenance

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