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In recent years, more and more parents have paid more and more attention to food safety issues, and the raw materials for making children's products cannot be ignored either. Not only can this lunch box withstand high-temperature water in the dishwasher, it is BPA-free, and the stainless steel container can hold hot or cold food. The double-layer air-insulated compartment can be used to store fruits or vegetables to keep them fresh, and the three layers are leak-proof. Food juices will not flow to other compartments and affect the taste of other foods. Approved by the US FDA.

  • Can keep both cold and hot, with two temperature zones
  • 3 layers of leak-proof partitions, the leak-proof partitions can classify food
  • No assembly required, reducing time spent opening lids and separating containers
  • Stylish design + special handle, suitable for both children and adults
  • Free of BPA and plasticizers

1. Can keep heat and cold (heat preservation effect is 6 hours - above 53 degrees, cold preservation effect is 6 hours - below 13 degrees)
2. There are two temperature zones, cooked food can be placed on one side and fruits can be placed on the other.
3. Built-in "Thermo" vacuum insulated bowl
4. Leak-proof partitions can classify food
5. No assembly required, reducing the time of opening lids and separating containers
6. Special handle, convenient for children to use
7. The vacuum insulated bowl is wide and shallow, making it easier for children to scoop out food
8. Dishwasher safe
9. 3-layer leak-proof interval
10. No need to buy a lunch bag, the handle is already attached to the outside of the box
11. BPA free
12. No plasticizers
13. The design looks fashionable and childlike, suitable for both children and adults.

Product specifications:
Dimensions: 20.5 x 20.5 x 6.35cm
Weight: (including vacuum insulated bowl) 1.7lbs, (excluding vacuum insulated bowl) 1.2lbs
Capacity: 1 long spacer 15oz; 2 short spacers 10oz; 3 square spacers 25oz; 4 insulated containers 7.5oz

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