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  • Klhip nail clippers designed by American designer Andrew Johnston and carefully produced by a professional factory in Seki, Japan
  • The revolutionary rear lever design is more ergonomic and gives you a more comfortable and natural feel. It saves effort and is easier to control. I believe you will fall in love with it once you actually experience it.
  • Made of Japan's Sumitomo surgical grade stainless steel (440C), the jaws are sharp and not easy to blunt. The edges of the trimmed nails are smooth. There is no need to use traditional files to sharpen the nails, making nail cutting a comfortable and smooth experience. things
  • The unique groove design effectively avoids the embarrassment of nail clippings flying everywhere, and you no longer have to worry about nail clippings all over the floor.

Ultimate Clipper Features

  • IMPROVED ERGONOMICS: The forward-facing joystick applies pressure directly on your nails, giving you better control and a more comfortable grip.​
  • CLEAN CUTS: Precision-engineered blades cut smoothly and accurately, so there's no need to file and clippings stay on the machine.
  • GREAT ACTION: Increased leverage allows for great cutting action and effortless cuts. You'll want your nails to grow faster.
  • BUILT TO LAST: Durable surgical stainless steel (440C) and world-class manufacturing processes produce the finest and highest quality nail clippers in the world.​​​

    Features of Klhip Nail File
  • NATURAL PERFORMANCE: Pyrenean stone offers a superior feel and unparalleled performance.
  • Two textures: smooth on one side and rough on the other, the textured surface won't wear off. We even use them to sharpen our knives.
  • EASY CARE: Wash with soap and warm water from time to time to keep your Klhip nail file in top condition.
  • Durable: Natural stone ensures the nail file is long-lasting. But be careful not to drop it on a hard surface – it is stone after all.



  • US Utility (issued) 9204703
  • US Design 1 – D629161
  • US Design 2 – D639509
  • US Design 3 – D639510

  • EU Utility – 2 340 738
  • EU Design 1 – 001725334–001
  • EU Design 2 – 001725334–002
  • EU Design 3 – 001725334–003
  • Japan Utility – 5859199
  • Japan Design – 1410837

  • 2012 – Wallpaper* Design
  • 2010 – ID Design Distinction
  • 2010 – Good Design™

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