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The blackhead suction machines on the market seem to have strong suction power, but there is no way to know how effective they are.

Because in addition to the blackheads on the surface, the real blackhead cleaning machine can remove the sebum and dirt in the pores, and the blackheads have been solved before they appear.
The video blackhead cleaning machine ─ K20 launched by the brand DeemSmt can solve this problem. The high-definition camera can see the cleaned skin.
K20 uses vacuum negative pressure technology to effectively absorb oil without hurting the skin. If you are troubled by blackheads, this will be a powerful tool to solve your troubles.

  • Deeply clean facial pores: Use vacuum negative pressure technology to quickly clean the mixture of excess sebum, aged cuticle and external dirt in the pores, effectively inhibiting the formation of whiteheads and blackheads, and avoiding the worries of acne and skin problems.
  • VISUAL APP AND HD CAMERA: Built-in HD visual camera technology allows clear visualization of facial skin when needed. The App has video and photo functions, which can record blackhead areas, making blackhead cleaning more accurate, efficient and reliable, and preventing blind sucking and accidental skin damage.
  • Two suction head modes and replaceable suction heads: gentle mode and standard mode can meet the needs of different types of skin, and 3 suction heads are suitable for different skin areas. Gentle mode is suitable for sensitive and delicate skin, removing external dirt and gentle blackheads
  • Standard mode is suitable for normal skin: removes deep-seated dirt and severe blackheads. With long-term use of this cleanser, you can easily say goodbye to oily face, blackheads and runny nose, and keep your facial skin healthy and fresh.
  • Safe and effective: top products made of high-quality materials, ergonomic streamlined body design, products certified by FCC, US FDA, CE, RoHS, Japanese PSE, etc.

product specifications

  • Product size: 135.5 x 58 x 33 mm
  • Product weight: 110 kg
  • Suction power: 62K Pa

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