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This product was developed in cooperation with Hanyang University Ergonomics Research Center and has patented pelvic correction technology. This product allows you to comfortably maintain an upright posture simply by sitting on the functional cushion .

  • The backrest of the sitting posture correction chair is designed with ergonomics and highly elastic materials - the backrest uses the lever principle to create the correct sitting posture
  • Reduce pressure on spine and joints Lift and lift tailbone
  • Use memory foam core for better fit and comfort
  • 45mm thick removable seat cushion and washable mesh cover, easy and convenient to clean
  • The excellent restorative polyurethane seat cushion has long-lasting restorability and comfortable elasticity, allowing you to enjoy a more comfortable time.
  • Use waterproof materials, not afraid of getting wet

Five major features of "hi hip posture correction chair back":
[Lever principle design]:
When you sit on the hi hip cushion, the tailbone will naturally rise, the pressure on the spine will be dissipated, and the core muscles in the center of the body will be corrected. The backrest naturally pushes the thoracic spine forward through the lever principle to create a correct sitting posture, effectively reducing the pressure on the spine and joints.
[Ergonomic and highly elastic material design]:
The design and materials of the Hi Hip cushion can support your waist more comfortably and naturally. It can bear a weight of up to 200 kilograms and maintain your correct sitting posture for a long time.
[Improve pelvis imbalance]:
Our design is designed to be considerate of your pelvis, allowing you to sit in your most natural posture.
[Double-layer structure cushions and fabrics]:
Supports the waist softly and firmly, increasing the fit between the body and the seat cushion.
[Sturdy yet lightweight]:
The Hi hip cushion is lightweight and easy to use in different positions such as a work chair, sofa, bed or on the floor.

Posture correction chair backs are particularly suitable for:

  • Suitable for children aged 8 or above to adults weighing up to 200kg

  • Especially suitable for students and people who sit for long periods of time
  • People who sit in the office/work at home for long periods of time;
  • School children who need to establish correct sitting posture and growth;
  • Pregnant women, people with back pain, shoulder and neck pain or low back pain (please check with your doctor before use);
  • Drivers, people who meditate, people who have started to have back problems, etc.

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