Petkit - Eversweet 6 Pet Smart Wireless Pump Water Dispenser SUS 304|Pet Water Dispenser|With Power Cord

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  • The No. 1 smart water dispenser brand in global sales
  • The wireless water pump and water storage barrel are designed to be separated, water and electricity are completely separated, and convenient for daily cleaning
  • The mobile APP can be connected to Bluetooth to monitor the water volume and filter status of the water machine.
  • Three working modes: smart/normal/night mode
  • Triple filtration: microporous filter cotton/activated carbon/ion exchange resin
  • The inner bucket of water storage is made of high-quality food-grade 304 stainless steel
  • High-efficiency silent water pump, passed operation test, operating noise is about 35 decibels
  • 1.8L food grade stainless steel water storage bucket, suitable for cats and small dogs

PETKIT Eversweet 6 Stainless Steel Automatic Pet Water Dispenser with Cordless Pump (With Power Cord)

  • The innovative cordless pump features a barrier-free construction that is extremely safe and easy to clean when adding water. It eliminates any exposed wires to eliminate leakage. ( Note: Please be careful not to splash water on the power cord of the base .)
  • Easy to clean thanks to its cordless design. The wireless water pump and the main unit can be cleaned separately.
  • Made of food grade 304 stainless steel, using high temperature resistant materials
  • The self-developed cordless pump and detachable main unit provide a safe drinking experience as the main unit has no electronics or power cords. The multi-layer filtration system includes high-density filters, coconut shell activated carbon and ion exchange resin. It filters hair and dust, removes odors and heavy metals.
  • The Eversweet Wireless monitors remaining water and filter status via Bluetooth.
  • Three working modes include smart mode, normal mode and night mode, suitable for different conditions.
  • Roman column water flow structure, ultra-low volume, 35dB.

  • Material: 304 stainless steel; ABS; silicone; polypropylene
  • Product size: 195*195*148 mm
  • Capacity: 1.8L/61oz

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