PPP - PPP-50-01 Medical Grade Air Purifier

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A professor of pediatrics in Hong Kong and an air expert from a university jointly developed a special product to protect children, the elderly and sensitive group members. It is the scientific research result of a team of air stewards, air experts and doctors. It uses unique filtration technology and has extremely strong filtration efficiency. The efficiency has been tested by Chinese, American and international The accredited laboratory has strictly certified that the air disinfection machine has been rated as medical grade by the country. It is equipped with a blue sterilizing filter. It has been tested by the national laboratory and can effectively kill influenza A virus, hand, foot and mouth virus and measles virus.

Filtration technology Nano surface treatment technology filters suspended particles as fine as 0.03 cm, super effective sterilization (>99.99%); patented AIRA and +HEPA latest patented technology, equipped with the highest level KILL VIRUS sterilizing filter element (scientific research result of the University of Science and Technology).

The purification machine effectively kills H1N1 influenza A, EV71 hand, foot and mouth virus and measles virus; it has the highest CADR, the highest amount of pollutants it can hold, and its filter element reaches P4 and F4 levels. It has a long filter element life and improves efficiency and cost; it has passed the air purifier performance test , Bacteria killing test.

The design embodies the purification technology. Users can configure different filter elements for different environments; the super large air inlet outputs clean air from both sides in all directions. It includes non-slip rubber feet that can be placed on the countertop, and accessories include magic straps that can be hung beside the baby's bed or on the wall. It can be placed on the countertop, hung beside the baby's bed, or hung on the wall.

Separate compartments can be used to add incense and essential oils: for example, coriander oil, which can repel mosquitoes, and rose or lavender essential oil, which can soothe emotions.

Intelligent control and intelligent adjustment of wind speed, 4-stage precise wind speed setting; sleep mode can be set, super quiet. The built-in quality sensor displays the different air quality of the environment to help you understand the air pollution situation; it also provides reminders for filter replacement. Can set time to shut down; comes with remote control. Passed CE safety certification.

Product Features Hong Kong brand - jointly developed by pediatric professors and university air experts - medical grade air purifier with super-effective sterilization (>99.99%)
Equipped with the highest level KILL VIRUS sterilization filter element (scientific research result of the University of Science and Technology)
Effectively kills H1N1 influenza A, EV71 hand, foot and mouth virus and measles virus. Users can configure different filter elements to output clean air on both sides on both sides. Separate intervals can be set. Incense can be inserted. Intelligent wind speed can be adjusted and the sleep mode can be set. , super quiet with remote control size 215 x 149 x 70mm

PPP air purifier performance certification:
CADR air purification performance certification ANSI/AHAM AC-1
CADR tested according to Chinese national laboratory standards
APIAC/LM 01-2015, GB/T 18801-2015 Air purifier test standard sterilization rate (Staphylococcus albus 8032, Aspergillus niger ATCC16404)
Sterilization rate (E. coli Phi-X174)
Mite antigen removal rate (Der f1)
All performance tests are conducted on Perfect Particulates Purification – PPP air purifiers, which are equipped with filters specially designed to remove specific types of pollutants. World-wide patented (USA, Europe, South Korea, Japan, China, Hong Kong) patented technology

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