PROTOP - PROTOP Facial Washing Machine|Zero Dead Angle Temperature Sensing Sonic Facial Washing Machine – Pink

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Protop Zero Dead Angle Temperature Sensitive Sonic Facial Washer

Comprehensive skin beauty and new purification (silicone bristles/warm massage/sonic face wash)
The most efficient new method of cleaning + maintenance to clean dirt, introduce nutrients, warm massage, and care around the eyes

Powerfully remove dark circles:
Eye care innovative intermittent vibration, warm and powerful to remove dark circles, warm massage and lift lines, reduce the appearance of early fine lines, promote lymphatic drainage, relax muscles, fight puffiness and fatigue

Powerful deep cleansing:
8,000 times/minute sonic vibration for deep cleaning
42°C temperature-sensitive massage promotes absorption. High-standard waterproof design throughout the machine. Densely soft silicone bristles, suitable for sensitive skin.

- In addition to cleansing, it also has a warm massage function, which can effectively remove dark circles and promote absorption. The silicone brush head can effectively and thoroughly remove pore dirt, acne, and cuticles, making it easy to remove makeup.

- The silicone facial cleanser is suitable for different skin types and parts, and is waterproof and can be easily used while washing the face and bathing.

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