Puzzmate X Vivian Ho Rainbow Village



Puzzmate X Vivian Ho
Choi Hung Village (Hong Kong Lost and Found Office) – 500 RMB

* Individually designed packaging
* European premium blue card version
* HD pixel printing
* Comes with beautifully printed postcard
* A 1:1 high-definition ratio poster is attached
* Recyclable non-destructive packaging
* Attached TIPS reminder card
* Dimensions after completion - 380mm*520mm

product description

PUZZMATE Hong Kong illustrator VIVIAN HO authorizes the "Hong Kong Lost and Found" series of puzzles.

PUZZMATE Jigsaw Puzzles are designed for "KIDULT". The design of its works is more distinctive than traditional jigsaw puzzles, and provides users with an alternative jigsaw puzzle experience. These high quality and challenging puzzles make PUZZMATE a specialty game brand. PUZZMATE jigsaw puzzles provide hours of fun for all ages and an exciting entertainment that is both challenging and enjoyable.

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