Quico - BREW Breathing Filter Bottle|Cold Brew Brewing|Cold Brew Coffee Maker-Night Sky Black

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  • Brewing using patented pressure difference
  • Subverting the traditional 12-hour soak
  • 3 concentration settings for you to prepare (it only takes 3-12 minutes to make a refreshing drink)
  • Powered by USB power, go wherever you want

The QUICO BREW breathing bottle uses a brand-new patented differential pressure brewing system, which subverts the traditional long-time soaking method and can make refreshing drinks in just 3-12 minutes.

Its design is lightweight and easy to carry, and it only needs to be driven by USB power. Whether traveling, camping, driving or in the office, you can make pure drinks at any time, bringing extraordinary taste bud enjoyment.

Breakthrough cold brew system. It tastes clear, fragrant and mellow.

Different from the traditional 12-hour cold brewing time, the breathing flow speeds up the extraction to 3 minutes, making the drink particularly smooth and fragrant.

Concentration of your choice. Control as you wish

Specially designed 2/4/8 breathing flow circulation mode, as thick or light as you like.

【2 cycles】Fragrant and delicate texture

【4 cycles】Smooth and fragrant entrance

[8 cycles] Sweet and mellow taste

Lightweight and easy to carry. Travel without hindrance

Lightweight, safe and temperature-resistant material

product specifications

  • Power supply voltage: DC 5V; 1~2A
  • Rated power: Max.10W
  • Product weight: 421g (excluding accessories and packaging)
  • Product size: 92*261mm
  • Drinking cup capacity: Max.300ml
  • Recommended drinking water temperature range: 4 -85

  • This product is not designed to be used in any instant infusion as a material or some tea leaves (tea saponins) that produce natural foam, such as American ginseng.
  • After the production is completed, please unplug the USB cable first.
  • To avoid damage to the electronic equipment inside the control box, do not immerse the control box in liquid or wipe it with a wet towel.
  • All parts are dishwasher safe except the control box and accessories.
  • Handle the parts carefully and do not discard the siphon tube or damage the control box, extraction chamber, holder and transparent sealing ring of the siphon tube.
  • This product can make up to 300ml of pure drinks at a time.
  • The finished drink can be placed in a lidded container and stored in the refrigerator for later consumption.
  • Tea leaves or other materials can be used instead of coffee powder to prepare cold brew tea or other drinks.
  • Water at 4℃-85℃ can be added to meet the needs of different drinks.
  • Add an appropriate amount of ice cubes to the drinking glass for a refreshing drink.

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