Reha-Bed (Poland) Electric Rehabilitation Bed-Leo (L02)

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Polish brand Reha-Bed specializes in the production of high-quality medical equipment, especially electric rehabilitation beds. Over the years, we have provided diversified indoor equipment for nursing institutions and nursing homes. It can also be customized according to the individual needs of customers. There are multiple distributors in more than 30 countries and regions. All electric beds are produced in accordance with international standards EN-60601-2-52 and EN-60601-1, so users can choose with peace of mind.

・Height adjustment range: from 290mm to 800mm (from ground level)

・Equipped with slots for lifting pole and infusion pole assembly

・Multi-functional, simple and stylish design

・The optional side rails are Split Side Rails

Back lift

Simultaneous lifting and lowering of back and legs

The whole bed tilts backward 15°

The whole bed tilts forward 17°

Height adjustment 50 cm

Electric bed size width x length

Overall width and length 105 x 207 cm

Mattress platform 90 x 200 cm

Maximum load weight


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