ROJU - [World Jump Rope Champion Zhang Baihong Brand] J3 Skipping Rope Beat Rope Beat Rope 3 Meters (Long Handle Dab/Lake Blue)

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【J3】Tap the beat rope

World skipping rope champion Zhang Baihong brand

The dab beat rope recommended by skipping coaches and athletes

The tapping rope is a piece of equipment tailor-made for beginners. The tapping beads can provide high-quality visual and auditory feedback for rope skippers and help beginners enhance muscle memory.

At the same time, beginners can feel the rotation and power of the rope, making the learning process easier. Because the rope is easier to manipulate, beginners can better master the coordination between jumping and swinging the rope.

Advanced players can use the tap string to complete the movements more easily and progress to learning multiple movements.

Lightly racquet beads make the entire racquet rope lighter, so the jumper can swing the rope with less effort to generate more kinetic energy and speed.

Size: 3 meters (m) / 10 feet (ft)
Weight: 350 grams (g)
Rope handle type: long handle racket bead type: light racket bead color: lake blue racket bead texture: hard racket bead material: plastic racket bead length: 3cm
Rope handle color: Lake blue Rope handle length: 20cm
Purpose: Basic movement exercises, multiple movement exercises Suitable for: Beginners and advanced people

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