Souyi - Japan SOUYI SY-136 suction and mopping cordless vacuum cleaner [Hong Kong licensed]

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18000pa powerful suction power, the suction power can easily lift an 8.4 kg bowling ball
1.4KG ultra-lightweight body, suitable for long-term use, even women can easily control it. Equipped with a power display, the remaining power is clear at a glance. You can use the air blower to clean the dust on the keyboard.

Japan's SOUYI SY-136 suction and mopping cordless vacuum cleaner can hold aromatherapy bags; replaceable rechargeable battery; air spray function; lightweight body;
Quiet operation; powerful suction; comes with floor roller Revolutionary new feature: mopping connector

* Vacuum in front and mop the floor in the back at the same time, thoroughly cleaning the whole house in one go
* Aromatherapy bags can be placed in the body to make the environment fragrant and odor-free after cleaning (aromatherapy bags not included)
* Special air blast function makes it easier to blow out and suck away garbage hidden in potholes (such as keyboards, dust screens, window slots)
* Easy-to-remove rechargeable lithium battery design allows for wireless cleaning without any drive or tethering
* It can be used wirelessly after charging, making cleaning the car more convenient. It can be operated continuously for about 30 minutes after charging for 4 hours.
* Optional backup battery for long-term use, ideal for cleaning large areas
* 1.4KG lightweight body with ergonomic design, suitable for long-term use
* 18000pa (18Kpa) strong suction power, which can be adjusted to two levels according to needs (high 18000pa/low 9000pa)
*Double filter, using high-density HEPA grade and stainless steel filter, can be cleaned directly with water
* High-density HEPA filter effectively filters fine dust particles, and no dust will be discharged from the air outlet
* Use cyclone technology to rotate the air to bring out high-speed vacuum centrifugal force to further increase the suction power
* Noise reduction motor operation is only 65 decibels
* The rotating brush head is equipped with LED lighting, making it more convenient to clean the carriage, sofa bottom and cabinet bottom.
* The multi-angle rotating brush head can flexibly turn 120 degrees, making it easy to clean even difficult-to-clean areas.
* Can be converted to handheld operation, more convenient for cleaning small areas (such as computers, dolls, sofas, beds)
* No dust bag required, convenient for daily cleaning and maintenance
* Fully separated dust isolation design, can be washed directly with water with confidence
* Also comes with a floor roller, flat brush, flat suction nozzle, long suction tube, and multi-angle rotating brush head (needs to be used with the roller)
* Equipped with a simple wall base for convenient storage against the wall
* R&D and supervision by Japanese manufacturers, quality confidence guaranteed
* Hong Kong three-pin plug and voltage, comply with EMSD specifications and certification
*Licensed in Hong Kong, one-year warranty (battery warranty is 3 months)

Model: SY-136
Power input: AC100V 50/60Hz
Power output: DC22V 500mA
Battery: Li-ion battery Power consumption: 200W
Vacuum degree: Strong: 18Kpa Weak: 9Kpa
Continuous use time: about 18 to 30 minutes Dust collection volume: 0.4L
Driving sound: 65dB
Overall dimensions: approximately 240 (W) x 300 (D) x 1150 (H) mm
Mass (weight): about 1.4 kg (including host and battery)
Power cord length Overall length: approximately 1.6m (DC adapter)
Main material: ABS resin/aluminum Color: purple/gold

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