Subminimal - NanoFoamer Steam-free Portable Latte Art Milk Foam Wand | Coffee Latte Art | Electric Milk Frother | Milk Frothing Artifact

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The Subminimal Nanofoamer steam-free portable latte art milk froth wand is small in size, light and easy to carry; it can be used with a hand-pressed coffee machine to enjoy milk coffee while taking a break in the office or camping.

Light and easy to carry, with the hand-pressed coffee machine, you can also enjoy milk coffee while taking a break in the office or camping.

  • The milk foam is easier to mix with Espresso, and the smooth milk foam is not easy to layer, making it easy to make Latte Art
  • Comes with two NanoScreen filters – Fine and Superfine to adjust milk foam thickness
  • Powered by only two AA batteries

Instructions for use: Select and install a NanoScreen filter, tilt the NanoFoamer slightly and place it in hot milk at 55-65°C. Start the NanoFoamer, stir in the center of the latte art tank for a few seconds, and then slowly move toward the wall of the cup until you hear the stirring sound change. When the milk foam reaches the ideal density, the stirring sound will disappear, and the NanoFoamer can be turned off at that time.

For detailed usage/common mistakes and improvement methods, please refer to the official video.

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