Sunuo - T12 Pro Intelligent Visual Ultrasonic Scaler | Tartar removal | Teeth stains | Tartar | Tartar

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  • IPX7 full body waterproof
  • 3 cleaning modes freely adjustable
  • Ultrasonic teeth cleaning, does not hurt teeth
  • Medical grade materials, safe to import
  • Intelligent recognition does not hurt teeth
  • Four-axis gyroscope 360° no blind zone
  • 5 million high-definition pixels, visually clean
  • 2 million vibrations per minute, easily crush dental calculus
  • Powerful WiFi chip, real-time viewing on mobile phone without delay
  • Intelligent power-off protection, automatic power-off and stop working in 10 minutes
  • 5 million pixel high-definition professional endoscope, allowing you to enjoy high-definition picture quality experience
  • Highly efficient ultrasonic frequency of 2 million times per minute and 42kHz sound frequency can safely crush dental calculus
  • Built-in four-axis directional gyroscope, the viewing angle remains unchanged when moving the lens, giving you a 360° precise teeth cleaning experience
  • Intelligent safety detection protection, it will automatically stop operating when it comes into contact with gums
  • Three levels of vibration intensity are adjustable
  • The slim cleaning head penetrates deep into the gaps between teeth to fully clean tartar and plaque.
  • IPX7 waterproof level, the body is highly waterproof
  • Type-C charging, usage time is about 90 minutes, automatic power-off protection after 10 minutes
  • Intelligent recognition does not hurt gums
  • LED lighting, clearer vision
  • Food-grade material, antibacterial and non-rusting, equipped with anti-fouling and dust-proof protective cover
  • Unique Hong Kong packaging, original licensed goods, 6-month warranty

3 cleaning modes:

  • Gentle mode ~ gently removes tartar and stains
  • Standard mode ~ Removes stubborn tartar such as tobacco stains, coffee stains, and tea stains
  • Powerful mode ~ removes formed dental calculus and cleans teeth more powerfully

  • After charging, please download the exclusive APP on your mobile phone, connect your phone directly to the device Wifi, and then bind the device to view the shooting screen.
  • Simple and easy-to-use APP functional interface, the endoscope adopts 30fps image transmission speed with very little image delay
  • Humanized APP, you can take pictures and then clean teeth and tartar in a planned way

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