Japan Thanko evolution version Neck cooler EVO wireless neck cooler spot

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Japanese brand🇯🇵|Hong Kong licensed product🇭🇰|Up to 15 months warranty😎

❅ Japan Thanko evolution version Neck cooler EVO wireless neck cooler ❅

#NIKKEITREND Top 30 Hottest Consumer Products in Japan in 2020
#Global sales of more than 250,000 pieces
#2021 Summer Best Summer Gadget Choice
#All outdoor activities must-have good things
#Summer Must-Have Refreshing Heat
#2021 Super Evolution Cordless Neckcooler Cooler

【This summer you no longer need a fan🙅‍♂️, an ice towel🙅‍♀️, a fan🙅】

It's hot summer, and it's time to sweat profusely again! With the Thanko Neckcooler, I don’t need to wash it in summer and wear a wireless fan the size of a turtle 🤣

Neckcooler neo from the super popular Japanese brand Thanko was shortlisted in the "Nikkei TREND 2020 Top 30 Hottest Consumer Products in Japan*"

🎊All Japan 🇯🇵 Ranked No. 22🎊

Japan Thanko heard the improved sound, Neckcooler Neo has evolved from a wired to a wireless design this year! 😱

The evolutionary version of Neckcooler EVO inherits the design of the left and right cooling plates of the previous generation. It is ultra-light 200g without any burden. It cools down quickly in 2 seconds, making the user feel as if he is in an environment 15 degrees Celsius lower than the room temperature!

The new version of Neckcooler EVO is equipped with a 2000mAH battery, which does not need to be connected to an external power supply. If the user needs to use it for a long time, he can also connect it to the power bank through the included Type-C charging cable, and the usage time can last up to 24 hours!

No matter outdoor work👷‍♀️, walking on the street🛍, hiking🏞, cycling🚵‍♀️, camping🏕
All IKEA activities can enjoy the ultimate cooling experience! 🆒🥶

*2020 ヒット product ランキング日経トレンディれ选んだベスト30: https://xtrend.nikkei.com/atcl/contents/18/00379/00001/

❅Product Features❅
❄️The cooler uses semiconductors of Peltier components, which can cause thermoelectric effects, achieve the effect of a small refrigerator, and cool down extremely quickly in 2 seconds ❄️The alternating mode of strength and weakness avoids numbness ❄️Three usage modes to cater to different cooling degrees ❄️200g imitation If there is no object-level ultra-lightweight design❄️Ergonomically adjustable neck circumference design is suitable for both adults and children❄️With 2000mAH battery, wireless use

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