Timemore - Timemore Chestnut C3 Hand Grinder | Hand Grinder | Hand-brewed Coffee | Manual Grinder | Stainless Steel Grinding Core - Obsidian Black

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  • Newly designed six-star double-layered steel grinding core
  • CNC all-aluminum body double bearing design
  • Patented point grinding thickness regulator
  • S2C660 all-round flavor grinding core
  • New anodized obsidian black color
  • Comes with cleaning brush and carrying bag

Product specifications

  • Size: 14.7*5.2cm / 14*8*19.5cm single product / including packaging​
  • Weight: 430g/500g single product/including packaging
  • Capacity: about 25g coffee beans
  • Material: space aluminum + stainless steel + PC plastic
  • This equipment is only designed to grind roasted coffee beans. Do not grind other items.
  • It is recommended to use a brush to clean the equipment, do not wash it with water
  • The edge of the grinding core is relatively sharp, so be careful to avoid scratches when cleaning.
  • Do not let children operate this product alone
  • Please store this product in a cool and dry environment
  • It is not recommended to disassemble and replace the grinding core and other internal parts by yourself. If you have special needs, please do so under the guidance of relevant technical personnel.

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