Global Tree Planting Program

place: Indonesia
quantity: Plant 1 tree
Sale price$12.00


Is it really so difficult to change the world?

In fact, making the world a better place can be very simple. The acc+ tree planting program can already improve the ecological environment, so that there can be more good products and a good environment for the next generation. My partner, One Tree Planted, is so simple that you don't believe it. You only need to donate $12 to plant a tree on the earth. You also have the freedom to choose where to plant it!

Indonesia - More than 74 million hectares of forest have been destroyed in the past 50 years, equivalent to twice the size of Germany

Amazon Forest (Amazon) - Home to more than 30% of the world's flora and fauna, important to global climate change

Kenya, Tanzania (Kenya, Tanzania) - When you watch the great migration of animals, you also provide a good home for these animals.

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