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🔵Used objects: tiles, floors, marble, granite, glazed tiles, plastic floors

🔶Do you feel the same way?
1. The floor at home is full of hair and dust, and I have to mop it several times a day, but I still feel that the floor is not mopped clean.
2. Why does the floor look so dull after wiping the floor every day?
3. After a long time, the color of the floor is not as beautiful as when I first bought it
4. It takes a long time to dry the wet place where the floor has just been mopped, which is time-consuming and troublesome

🔶Use our floor cleaner 👍1. Sterilize 99.9%, mop once to clean + sterilize once to get 99.9% sterilized👍2.10 kinds of material floor (tile, marble, granite, gum, ceramic, glazed tile, quartz stone, vitrified stone, stainless steel, rubber)
👍3. The protection is more wear-resistant, which makes the floor of the home more wear-resistant and improves the life of the floor. Fast, bright, quick-drying, time-saving and convenient👍6. Hand care and fragrance, mild formula does not hurt hands, exudes natural floral fragrance👍7. Big advantages in one bottle, easy to decontaminate and clean without trace

⭐ Floor cleaning method
1. Take half a 1/2-1 bottle cap (40ML) of detergent and dissolve it in half a bucket of water (about 5 liters) to dilute
2. Scrub the stains that need to be cleaned with a mop or rag
3. No need to rinse with water, let it dry naturally

⭐ Household and other cleaning methods
1. Pour the detergent directly on the rag for cleaning, depending on the stain
2. Can easily remove all kinds of common stains without damaging the surface

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