WPC - UNNURELLA MINI 60 Super Waterproof Folding Umbrella UN002|Used in both rain and shine|Sun protection|Shade|Retractable umbrella - off-white

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Japan's super water-resistant WPC Unnurella non-stick waterproof umbrella is made of high-density super water-repellent fiber material, jointly developed with well-known fabric manufacturers. It is light and water-repellent and has 99% anti-UV function. It can be used on sunny or rainy days! Special ultra-water-repellent fiber material The water fiber fabric has the highest waterproof level 5. The water droplets on the umbrella can be shaken off in one second when the umbrella is closed, so that the water droplets will no longer remain on the umbrella surface, so that you will no longer get wet when commuting and going out! Umbrella rib use Made of strong fiberglass, it is not afraid of deformation when encountering strong winds. It is strong and durable! The folding umbrella is easy to store and can be carried in a bag anytime and anywhere. Whether it is sunny or rainy, it is a good partner when going out!

  • 2021 latest Unnurella super water-repellent Mini 60
  • Using Komatsu Refining's latest "ダントツ Water RepellentTM" material, the water repellent effect is more durable and long-lasting
  • The maximum water repellency is level 5. According to official data, it can still maintain level 3 water repellency even after being washed 200 times (general water repellent umbrellas on the market only have a maximum level of 3 when not in use, and drop to level 1 after 100 times of washing) )
  • Full color UV CUT up to 90%

1. Water repellent material
The new UN uses a waterproof material called "ダントツwater-repellentTM", which is water-repellent and more durable. The material uses a PFOA-free C6 water-repellent coating, which is safer and less polluting to the environment than general water-repellent coatings.

2. Water repellent performance
The new UN umbrella has a water-repellent performance level of 5. According to official tests, it can still maintain level 3 water-repellent performance even after being washed 200 times. As for general water-repellent coated umbrellas, brand new ones only have level 4 water repellency, which is almost gone after 100 times.

3. UV Cut full color range reaches over 90%
Size: Total length 58cm (27cm when stored)
Weight: 220g

feature of product:

  • Super water-repellent fiber fabric, quickly shakes off water droplets on the umbrella
  • High level of water repellency and 99% UV protection due to high-density fiber structure
  • The high-density fiber fabric jointly developed with the world-class fabric manufacturer Komatsu Refining not only reaches the Japanese industrial standard water repellency test level 5, but also blocks 99% of ultraviolet rays.
  • Lightweight and easy to carry after storage
  • The umbrella ribs are made of strong fiberglass and are not afraid of being blown apart.
  • Instantly dries, and storage will not get wet
  • Umbrella ribs are made of strong fiberglass
  • Umbrella frame: Steel, fiberglass
  • Umbrella handle: aluminum
  • Handle: Resin
  • Origin: Made in China, Japanese material

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