WPC - UV Protection PARASOL Heat-proof and UV-proof foldable umbrella for both rain and shine (801-9236) | WPC | BASIC UNISEX | Rain or shine umbrella | Shrinkable umbrella | Anti-UV | Anti-UV | Sun protection - Lavender

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  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • Waterproof processing and PU coating processing, shielding from the sun and rain
  • Effective protection against heat
  • UV protection rate reaches 99.9%
  • Light shading rate reaches 99.9%

Wpc.'S parasols are great for UV protection and heat stroke protection. Easy to carry folding umbrella.

[Feeling of size that even men can fully use]

- Simple yet unique neutral design -

Not only the size but also the weight is around 220g, making it extremely functional.

The shading rate/UV cut-off rate is 100%! Fully shaded and fully UV protected parasol

Achieve 100% shading rate and UV protection rate in all colors to protect skin from sunlight.

It has the UV protection properties needed to prevent sunburn and is ideal for UV protection.

It also has excellent thermal insulation properties to keep you cool, so it can be used as a protection against heat stroke during hot summer days.

* The UV blocking (UVblocking) rate and shading rate described are measured values ​​in the fabric state.

This does not apply to parts other than UV-treated fabrics, such as embroidery and sewing of products.

Please read the precautions provided with the product before use.

  • Product size: (when unfolded) total length 59cm, diameter 97cm, bone 55cm / (when stored) 5 x 24 x 4cm
  • Product weight: about 220g
  • Manufacturing material: 100% polyester fiber, lightweight PU coating, plastic​

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