Wowstick - 1F+ Electric Screwdriver|Rechargeable|Electric Screwdriver Screwdriver|Lithium Battery Precision Screwdriver|Electric Screwdriver

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  • 56 screw drill bits
  • The ultra-thin S2 aluminum alloy body adopts a pen-shaped design and is easy to use.
  • Ultra-precision flexible circuit design ensures long life
  • Charging with lithium-ion battery , it can work continuously for 8 hours
  • 2 hours of continuous no-load operation, 180 days of battery life
  • Equipped with 3 LED shadowless lights, making repair work more convenient
  • Equipped with magnetic plates to secure screws removed from repaired items, no screws to lose
  • Automatic and manual operation design to ensure efficient work efficiency
  • Multifunctional for tightening, drilling and threading to meet your different needs
  • Provide quality assistance for your daily maintenance projects

  • One-button start: Tightening and unscrewing are controlled by one button, simple and easy to use
  • 200 revolutions per minute: ensuring safety while improving efficiency
  • Manual and automatic dual power: for precision screws, one-button start can be done
  • LED shadowless light: equipped with 3 LED lights, it can illuminate in all directions without rotating
  • 56 international universal bits: Made of S2 alloy tool steel, specially equipped with 4 commonly used 45mm extended bits
  • USB charging: eliminates the cumbersome use of wired plugs and improves desktop and portable experience
  • Fully magnetic absorption storage box: a portable tool box that can be turned into a multi-functional storage "pen box" by disassembling the lining.

product specifications
  • Product color: space gray
  • Bit size: 4*28mm/4*45mm (alloy steel quality)
  • Switch mode: piano key switch, one-button start
  • Lighting method: 3 LED lighting
  • Power supply mode: lithium battery charging
  • Battery life: up to 2 hours of continuous no-load operation, 180 days of battery life
  • Charging time: 40 minutes (charging status shows red light, full charge shows green light)
  • Torque range: electric up to 0.15N·M, manual up to 3N-M
  • Safe speed: up to 200r/min
  • Product size: 15.8*15.8*173mm
  • Packing size: 101*51*259mm
  • Product net weight/gross weight: 55g / 745g
  • made in China

Package Contents:
  • Host x 1
  • Base x 1
  • Storage box x 1
  • USB charging cable x 1
  • Suction cup x 1
  • Magnetizer x 1
  • Pick x 1
  • Magnetic positioning plate x 1
  • Batch x 56 styles
  • Commonly used screws x 1
  • Instruction Manual (Simplified Chinese) x 1
  • Instruction manual (English) x 1

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