Wowstick - SD63 dual-power lithium battery home-grade screwdriver set|36 in 1 electric screwdriver|rechargeable|screwdriver and electric screwdriver|electric screwdriver

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Wowstick SD 36 in 1 home all-purpose electric screw pen S2 silicon alloy steel 36 sets of magnetic universal connectors, integrated storage + repair design!

  • 1,300mAh lithium battery, Type-C charging has a battery life of up to 30 days!
  • The 67 mm extra-long rotating shaft goes deep into various holes, and deep-hole screws can also be easily repaired!
  • Dual torque mode reaches 200 rpm in 1 minute, and the electric torque can be upgraded to 0.9 Nm!
  • With ultra-clear illumination function and three LED lighting bulbs, you can fix it no matter how dark it is!
  • Safety lock design allows you to carry it around safely!

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