ZERO TRAVITY - Accompanying Eco-Friendly Small Towel Set (3 Towels)

Size: a package
Sale price$35.00


Short towels can be used as hand towels, face towels, dishcloths, and can also be used as pet cushions or in cages. Ready to use and 100% biodegradable, it won't burden the planet.

Eco-Friendly Small Towel Set・Towel (30 × 75cm) × 3

Plant fiber|Innovative non-woven fabric and packaging are all 100% biodegradable and sterilized|EO sterilized, individually sealed packaging, safe and hygienic to reduce irritation|No fluorescent agent and bleach, suitable for all skin types Lightweight and portable|Ready to use , clean and tidy, saving luggage space Pearl pattern surface|Soft to the touch, strong flexibility, high water absorption standard certification|Passed the EU test and approval, the first choice for sustainable environmental protection|Negative carbon emission manufacturing, enjoy green, clean and comfortable functions|Outbound travel Suitable for travel, hotels, picnics, beach swimming, hiking, GYM, keeping pets and families with children

Material: 100% cellulose fiber spunlace

Essential for travel and business trips | Medical-grade sterilization | Portable and value-for-money travel set | Safe and hygienic | Reassuring choice | Strong water absorption | Soft and comfortable |
Natural materials|Environmentally friendly and biodegradable|Multi-purpose|Multi-purpose recycling|Travel must-have hot sale

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