Zoono Skin Clear and Acne

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Packing: 50ml

  • Zoono Antibacterial Cleansing Lotion is formulated with Zoono's proprietary environmental-friendly, non-toxic and long-lasting antibacterial factor formula, which has high antibacterial power and is especially effective in improving acne problems caused by bacteria.
  • An extensive large-scale test conducted on a university campus in the United States in 2011 - including some so severe that even steroids could not solve the severe cases - showed that Zoono Antibacterial Cleansing Lotion also relieved acne troubles by sterilizing and antibacterial.
  • Zoono Antibacterial Body Cleanser is colorless, odorless and won't stain clothes. In fact, once used, it can stay on the skin for a long time and play its role until the skin naturally falls off due to metabolism.

Capacity: 50ml

    • Zoono Skin Clear and Acne is a single formula / single application Acne Treatment - based on the proven, Zoono antimicrobial technology.
    • Tested on US University Campus in 2011, it proved to be highly successful - including treating extreme cases where steroid injections had proved unsuccessful.
    • It is colourless, odourless and will not stain.
    • It remains on the skin until the skin naturally exfoliates.

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