Zoono Foot Care Antibacterial Foot Care Lotion

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Capacity: 50ml

  • Zoono Foot Care is a proven, highly effective treatment against foot fungi including Tinea (Athlete's Foot).
  • On most occasions, only 2 - 3 applications of Zoono Foot Care will prove effective.
  • In addition, Zoono Foot Care is an excellent treatment against extreme cases of foot odor.
  • These outstanding results are achieved via Zoono's unique antimicrobial technology.
  • Zoono Foot Care is odourless and will not stain the skin nor will it discolour socks or clothing.

Packing: 50ml

  • Zoono Antibacterial Foot Treatment is proven effective against common fungi on the feet, including the Trichophyton fungus that causes athlete's foot (also known as Hong Kong's athlete's foot).
  • In general, use Zoono Antibacterial Foot Lotion once or twice to see results. In addition, Zoono Foot Antibacterial Lotion is also a magic hand for deodorizing feet. It can kill the bacteria that cause odor and greatly reduce odor.
  • Zoono Antibacterial Foot Treatment is colorless, odorless and won't stain clothing or socks.

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