ZUUTii - Automatic opening oil and vinegar bottle | Leak-proof condiment bottle | Glass oil bottle | 500ml | Seasoning container | Oil can | Gravity sensing oil bottle

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Canada's ZUUTii automatic opening oil and vinegar bottle automatically opens and closes. It has a super strong seal and will not leak oil on the side. It is very convenient to operate with one hand. It can be used for both oil, soy and vinegar. It uses the principle of gravity and will automatically open the lid when tilted, allowing you to It is easy to operate with one hand, and the bottle mouth is small, so the oil output can be controlled as needed.


  • Can be operated with one hand, the bottle lid automatically opens and closes
  • Easy to clean, dishwasher safe
  • BPA free, safe to use
  • Anti-drip design, no need to worry about staining the bottle mouth and countertop
  • Small diameter oil outlet can effectively control the oil output
  • Large capacity design, 500ML, easier to fill

Product specifications:

  • Bottle cover material: food grade silicone, Tritan, ABS
  • Bottle material: high borosilicate glass
  • Product size: 87x70x243mm
  • Product capacity: 500ml

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