When it comes to foot odor, what do you think is the cause? If you have foot odor, will you not be brave enough to take off your socks in front of your friends? Then you need to find out the cause of foot odor to solve the problem of foot odor.

Foot odor reason 1: sweat problem

Human feet have an average of 620 sweat glands per square centimeter (the same area of ​​other parts of the body is only 143 to 339). There are more than 250,000 sweat glands in total on both feet, and the sweat secreted every day can easily reach several milliliters to more than ten Milliliters, does not lose the amount of sweat from your underarms, but the sweat on your feet is odorless, and the main reason for the smelly feet sweat comes from the following problems!

  1. Feet are in a hot and humid environment
    After putting on shoes and going out to work early in the morning, there is almost no chance to take off the shoes to breathe. The feet will be stuffed in the shoes and stay in contact with non-sweat-absorbing socks for a long time. The high temperature and humidity environment is also a breeding ground for bacteria.

    The horniness of the feet is more than that of other skin parts, and it is easy to accumulate old horniness between the soles of the feet and the fingers. In the wet shoes, it will also make the bacteria that are originally attached to the skin and the shoes Miscellaneous bacteria, rapid proliferation. These bacteria will feed on sweat, sebum and cutin, and after metabolism, they will form foot odor.

  2. unbalanced diet
    In addition to water and salt, sweat also contains many old waste substances in the blood, so the smell and state of sweat can show the health of the blood. Meat is animal protein and contains a lot of thiaminic acid. When the diet is more often based on meat and lacks a balanced mix of vegetables, the digestive and metabolic functions will be weakened, and a large amount of metabolized substances will be produced in the blood, which will be excreted through sweat, forming a pungent odor.

A study conducted by the University of Loughborough in the United Kingdom found that Staphylococcus is the most common bacteria found on the feet, and it apparently often co-occurs with a special chemical substance called "isovaleric acid" that emits a terrible smell. , this kind of bacteria is most common on the soles of the feet, and the forefoot is particularly abundant, which can just explain why the feet stink.

Cause 2 of foot odor: fungal infection

One of the causes of foot odor is mold and bacterial infection, which is often formed due to humid environment. In the early stage of athlete's foot, athlete's foot or onychomycosis in Hong Kong, the smell will not be too obvious, but when the fungus increases, it will become athlete's foot, and even become Itchy feet, blisters, etc., so as long as there is a little inflammation, toenails darken, etc., go to the doctor.

The third reason for foot odor is that the shoes are not breathable

The main reason that everyone will ignore is that in fact, everyone’s shoes and socks will become the source of the problem of foot odor. Shoes and socks that are not breathable enough will dry the feet, especially for friends who like sports. If the soles of the feet are wet, it is really Don't bear it, be sure to put on new socks to reduce the time of drying your feet, thereby reducing the odor.