【accmask】Do you have any skin problems with the hood? Taiwan can help you

I have been wearing a mask for almost a year, do you feel that the soft skin has deteriorated? Wearing a mask for a long time not only increases skin oil, but also induces skin problems such as acne, acne, sensitivity, etc., leading to the appearance of "mask muscle"! If you don't want your skin to continue to deteriorate, in addition to daily care, you need a breathable and comfortable mask to get rid of "mask muscle".

The acc+ Taiwanese masks use completely different fabrics from those in other countries. They are skin-friendly and highly breathable, which can definitely reduce the appearance of your sensitive skin. Earlier, K Kwong also highly praised the Taiwan-made masks of acc+ among the 35 kinds of masks in the blind selection, which are very comfortable, and many buyers also left good comments on the acc+ website.

Taiwanese brands are confident, and more importantly, the air permeability of Taiwanese masks is extremely high, and the performance of air permeability is the best in the market! If you want to prevent "mask muscle", Taiwanese masks are definitely your choice of confidence! In addition to using skin-friendly materials, Taiwanese masks use PP+PE composite fibers on the bottom layer. The skin-friendly material has good air permeability, can absorb moisture from breathing, and is comfortable and dry. This has become the secret of Taiwanese masks that are both breathable and comfortable. This is also the reason why Yiju ladies can't put it down and children Yidai fall in love with it.

I am really happy to hear that many friends/guests also praised that wearing the acc+ mask has no sensitive skin. Those who have not tried it can also buy it on the acc+ website.

We work hard to make masks with high air permeability. Even the doctors in the operating room believe in us and hope that this simple blessing can be sent to everyone who feels cramped wearing a mask. No matter men or women, wear a comfortable and breathable mask That's the best choice. A good mask can make you not afraid to go out on the street, even hiking, running will not feel hard.