In recent years, due to the epidemic, masks have become a part of our daily life, so we gradually have higher and higher requirements on the material, color, and even function of masks. acc+ has been committed to developing masks made in Taiwan. This time, Taiwanese mask manufacturers have also made new breakthroughs in the development of mask functions. I wonder if you have heard of "activated carbon masks"? This is definitely a great invention in the mask industry!

In appearance, the No. 0 activated carbon mask is similar to the No. 0 mask, and it is also printed with " Made in Taiwan " Made in Taiwan stamped.

The bottom material is also the butter paper bottom material that everyone likes, it is not easy to fluff, and it is comfortable and dry for long-term use.

Activated carbon is a black powder or granular carbon substance. Its basic purpose is to purify and filter. I did not expect that activated carbon combined with masks can bring major innovations in the function of masks.

The biggest difference between No. 0 activated carbon masks and No. 0 masks is that No. 0 masks generally have only three layers of protective structure, while No. 0 activated carbon masks have four layers of protective structure. The second layer in the activated carbon mask is the activated carbon layer, which can effectively absorb odors and block organic gases and odors, so that the entire mask can eliminate odors. Some urbanites have been troubled by nasal allergies, and activated carbon masks may become the favorite of those with allergic rhinitis! The activated carbon layer not only effectively absorbs and deodorizes odors, but also effectively blocks organic gases and odors, which can reduce the occurrence of nasal allergies and give you unprecedented freshness!

If you have tried our size zero mask and found it useful, you can try this "optimized" size zero mask!
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