【accmask】The strongest secret to repel mask muscle 👩‍👩‍👧Taiwanese masks💕

Wearing a mask for a long time after the COVID-19 attack not only increases skin oil, but also induces skin problems such as acne, acne, sensitivity, etc., leading to the appearance of "mask muscle"! If you don't want your skin to continue to deteriorate, in addition to daily care, you need a breathable and comfortable mask to get rid of "mask muscle".

How to repel "mask muscle"?

The main cause of "mask muscle" is that the skin is under the mask for a long time, in a state of simmering, and the airtight environment leads to a series of pore clogging problems. To prevent the appearance of "mask muscle", you need to choose a mask with high air permeability and Use a mask made of skin-friendly fabric to keep your skin breathable , reduce the burden on the skin, reduce the growth of bacteria, prevent "mask pox" and reduce the impact of wearing a mask on the skin.

The strongest secret that everyone loves about Taiwanese masks!

The supply of masks is gradually recovering, and there are various choices on the market. Which mask has the highest air permeability to prevent "mask muscle"? The answer is the mask produced in Taiwan! Taiwanese masks have always been popular among Hong Kong people. In addition to having confidence in Taiwanese brands, more importantly, Taiwanese masks are extremely breathable, and the performance of breathability is the best in the market! If you want to prevent "mask muscle", Taiwanese masks are definitely your choice of confidence!

Can Taiwanese masks be breathable?

The answer lies in the materials used in Taiwanese masks! In addition to using skin-friendly materials, Taiwanese masks use PP+PE composite fibers on the bottom layer. The skin-friendly material has good air permeability, can absorb moisture from breathing, and is comfortable and dry. This has become the secret of Taiwanese masks that are both breathable and comfortable.