【accmask】What are the benefits of Taiwan masks? You must know four things about Taiwan masks

Although the supply of masks continues to resume due to the ongoing epidemic, as more and more products enter the market, consumers need to be more cautious in choosing mask brands. Among them, Taiwanese brands are the most popular among Hong Kong people. Why are Taiwanese masks so popular? The following four points Tell you why Taiwanese masks are a must!

1. Taiwanese masks need to go through multiple inspections

Under the regulation of the Taiwan government, the raw materials and finished products of Taiwan masks need to be strictly inspected by the government before they can be sold. Quality inspection to ensure the quality of Taiwanese masks.

2. Taiwan mask factory has many years of production experience

The production of masks in Taiwan is not only after the outbreak, there are even mask manufacturers in Taiwan with a history of 70 years. According to the import and export statistics of the Trade Bureau of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, the amount of masks exported to Taiwan reached 10 million US dollars, and the largest export market is Japan. From 2014 to 2019 , 60% of masks were also exported to Japan. It can be seen that Taiwan mask factories have many years of production experience, and more trustworthy.

3. Taiwan's government quickly responded to the epidemic and its output reached the second place in the world

As early as January, in response to the pneumonia epidemic, the Taiwan government, in addition to immediately imposing an embargo on masks, the government also immediately injected capital into the production of masks, investing NT$180 million to build 62 mask production lines, and the daily production capacity increased from 4 million to 10 million. , The supply has greatly increased. By April, Taiwan's mask production has reached the second place in the world, maintaining a stable supply and re-exporting. After stabilizing exports, the Taiwan government extended a helping hand to different places and donated Taiwanese masks to all parts of the world to help the global fight against the epidemic. Among them, Finland even pointed out that the inspection results of Taiwan masks showed that Taiwan masks are of top quality !

4. Have your own production specifications

Taiwan’s masks have their own production specifications, with CNS14774 as the test standard. The mask grades are not divided by level1-3, but are divided according to the strength from weak to strong: general medical masks, surgical masks, and surgical D2 dust masks. The only difference from the European and American guidelines is that the name of the PFE item is changed to sub-nicron particulate filtration efficiency (sub-nicron particulate filtration efficiency), which tests the filtration efficiency of the mask to capture particles less than one micron. Taiwanese masks also need to pass BFE≥ 95% Bacterial Filtration Efficiency (Bacterial Filtration Efficiency) , which can filter 3 micron particles, including ordinary droplets, pollen, and intercept bacteria with a size of about 3.0 μm.