DASH - 波音公司及AIRBUS都採用的澳洲消毒技術
【DASH Disinfection Service Officially Launched in Hong Kong】
【Adopt Boeing and AIRBUS disinfection technology】
・DASH Official Website: https://www.dashfog.com/
DASH product purchase: https://www.accmask.com/collections/dash
The Australian disinfection service brand DASH officially landed in Hong Kong. DASH adopts the disinfection technology of Boeing and Airbus, and has been confirmed by more than 400 laboratory research reports to effectively kill 99.99% of bacteria and viruses (including COVID-19 new crown pneumonia virus) and build Antibacterial antiviral coating for up to 30 days. DASH currently provides professional door-to-door disinfection services, DASH-30 GUARD disinfectant, and DASH professional spray guns are available for quotation and purchase. We hope that under the normalization of the epidemic, we can provide safety protection for all Hong Kong families and businesses, and provide peace of mind for your family, customers, employees, students and parents!

【DASH-30 GUARD Disinfectant】
・DASH product purchase: https://www.accmask.com/collections/dash 
DASH-30 GUARD disinfectant uses two active ingredients, DDAC and BAC. When the disinfectant is sprayed on the surface of objects or hands, DDAC and BAC will attract pathogens to approach and produce chemical reactions after contact, and then decompose the lipid bilayer of pathogens , causing mutual destruction between molecules, so as to achieve the effect of killing viruses and bacteria. The active ingredient of DASH-30 GUARD, BAC, can build a longer-lasting antibacterial/antiviral coating than the ethanol component of common disinfectants. Coupled with electrostatic atomization treatment, the antibacterial/antiviral coating can last up to 30 day.
Three-in-one cleaning, disinfection and protection!
Kills 99.99% of bacteria and viruses
・( Including COVID-19 Novel Coronavirus)
Up to 30 days antibacterial/antiviral coating
Use immediately, no need to dilute
Harmless and non-flammable
Comply with New Zealand MPI food safety standard (C44-non-dairy)
Passed AOAC test - US Environmental Protection Agency standard test
Certified by EN13697 - EU and UK recommended test methods
Certified by EN14476 - Evaluation of antiviral activity in the medical field
Australia ARTG Certificate: 355166
Proven safe and effective through more than 400 laboratory studies

【DASH Professional Nano Electrostatic Spray Gun】
・DASH product purchase: https://www.accmask.com/collections/dash 
DASH Professional Nano Electrostatic Spray Gun compresses the sanitizer through a specially designed nozzle and produces a fine cold mist formed of ultra-low volume droplets with a diameter between 0-50 microns (μm). Studies have shown that droplets of this size are ideal for dealing with pathogens. In addition, with the addition of electrostatic technology, the compressed DASH-30 GUARD disinfectant will better cover the surface of objects and achieve a more thorough disinfection effect.
There are 3 models: suitable for different usage needs
Specially designed nozzle: converted into particles between 0-50 microns (μm)
Add electrostatic technology: generate adsorption, maximize disinfection and protection effect
Rechargeable lithium battery, wireless operation, portable and easy to use
Save the amount of disinfectant used and manpower time
The spray gun has a longer shooting range, so that the disinfectant can cover a larger area

【DASH door-to-door disinfection service】

Price reference: https://bit.ly/3CCEDPj
・Quote inquiry: https://forms.gle/ySNwXMVKcLx4knt47
Whatsapp inquiry: https://wa.me/85290479358
Want to experience the disinfection effect of Boeing and Airbus? In addition to selling DASH-30 Guard disinfectant separately, DASH also has a professional door-to-door disinfection service team, and has provided disinfection services for retail stores such as cdf Beauty. After the disinfection is completed, there will be a "DASH has been disinfected" sticker to strengthen customers confidence. DASH door-to-door disinfection service is suitable for homes, offices, hotels, shopping malls, restaurants, schools, tutorial centers, fitness rooms, massage shops, beauty salons, clubs, etc. The epidemic situation in Hong Kong has been repeated recently. If you want to provide a safe and hygienic environment for the venue, or if there are confirmed cases recently, please fill out the form https://forms.gle/ySNwXMVKcLx4knt47 or whatsapp to https://wa.me/85290479358 for inquiries, thank you!