Recently, a friend inquired about Chuanyu NMN, which contains 60 capsules per bottle, and each capsule contains a single active ingredient of 300mg (mg) of NMN. Why is our dosage high and the price is cheap? Some friends don’t know how to compare the price and read the product ingredients Label, this article briefly discusses several precautions for purchasing NMN.

The meaning of NMN value
NMN9000 (150mg x 60 capsules per capsule, the total content is 150 times 60, which is equal to the total net NMN content of 9000mg in a bottle of product)
NMN12000 (200mg x 60 capsules per capsule, the total content is 200 multiplied by 60, which is equal to the total net NMN content of 12000mg in a bottle of product)
NMN15000 (250mg x 60 capsules per capsule, the total content is 250 multiplied by 60, which is equal to the total net NMN content of 15000mg in a bottle of product)

NMN18000 (300mg x 60 capsules per capsule, the total content is 300 times 60, which is equal to the total net NMN content of 18000mg in a bottle of product)

Note: There are also products that do not understand the meaning of the value and follow the trend and name it NMN12000, but do not explain the meaning of the value according to the above method, so the value is meaningless. Therefore, you can count by yourself, understand the values ​​of different dosages of different products, and see if they are reasonable.

Nutrition Facts Label
Nutrition information per serving Nutrition information per serving

Serving size Serving Size: 2 capsules

Serving per containerServing per bottle: 30 servings

Nicotinamide Mononucleotide: 200mg mg

Note: Many friends mistakenly think that the ingredient label means 200 mg of NMN per capsule, 2 capsules per day, a total of 400 mg, which is an incorrect understanding. What this ingredient label really means is that each 2 capsules is 1 serving, and each 1 serving has a total of 200 mg of NMN, in other words, each 1 capsule actually only has 100 mg of NMN. Take 2 capsules per day, ie 1 serving, for a total of 200 mg, for proper understanding.

NMN content per capsule <br> The simplest and most powerful proof of a single active ingredient is that each batch of finished products of the product has an industry-recognized, reputable, and reliable third-party independent laboratory test report. Possess GMP accreditation standards, and source certification documents issued by the Chamber of Commerce where the pharmaceutical factory is located.

Each batch of Chuanyu NMN18000 finished products has the test report of the above-mentioned industry-recognized, reputable and reliable third-party independent laboratory, and is produced by a pharmaceutical factory with the above-mentioned GMP approval standard. At the same time, in order to ensure that the content of each tablet of Chuanyu NMN is not less than 300mg, our production process takes 300mg as the production standard that must be guaranteed. Friends who are familiar with drug production should know that there will be +/- 3 to 5% consumption in the production process. To put it simply, if only 300mg is used as the target for production, there is a chance that the finished product will only be 237mg per capsule (deducting 3-5% consumption). Chuanyu NMN is produced with a guarantee of 300mg as the standard, and 310-320mg as the production basis. Therefore, we can see from the test report of each batch that the content of NMN in each capsule of Chuanyu NMN is slightly higher than the 300mg standard. At the same time, Chuanyu NMN has also passed multiple tests such as no heavy metals and no total bacterial content. It is tested by a third-party independent laboratory and has relevant test reports to prove it.

Note: There are different marketing methods, please try to be based on objective facts, and provide evidence to allow consumers to make prudent judgments and appropriate choices.

Product Price Comparison <br> When purchasing NMN anti-aging products, you should pay attention to the actual content of NMN in different products, and choose according to the cost performance. When you know the actual total content of NMN in each bottle of product, you can compare the price of the product, that is, the cost performance. For example:
The price of Chuanyu NMN is HK$ 799, and the total content of NMN in each bottle is 18000mg. We can divide the price by the total content of NMN, which is HK$799 divided by 18000mg, that is, every 1 milligram (mg) of NMN The selling price is HK$ 0.044.

If a brand sells for HK$ 900, and the total content of NMN in each bottle is 9000mg, we can divide the selling price by the total content of NMN, that is HK$ 900 divided by 9000mg, that is, every 1 milligram (mg) The selling price of NMN is HK$ 0.1.

It is concluded that the selling price of Chuanyu NMN per milligram (mg) of NMN is relatively affordable. You can compare NMN products of the same kind to find out whether Huo Jian Age is the most cost-effective, the price is the most affordable, and the product quality is the most guaranteed.

How to determine the selling price

There are many different considerations in determining the market price of a product, including: the product's research and development costs, production costs, company operating costs, logistics costs, advertising and promotion costs, the company's profits, and so on. Friends who have a deeper understanding of Chuanyu NMN understand that we are a formal medical institution, and Chuanyu NMN is one of our medical business projects that is based on the interests of the public/family/friends/existing patients, and does not care much about it profits, and do not invite celebrities to promote and publicize.

Secondly, Chuanyu NMN's R&D team includes GMP pharmaceutical factories, Doctor of Pharmacy, registered doctors, R&D personnel, etc., all of which are the original resources of the company. A large number of medical literature and videos are provided on the webpage, and the team has read each article carefully. This is a regular work of the team and there is no additional cost. Therefore, we can guarantee the high quality of Chuanyu NMN, and position it at a lower market price to give back to the public. Fighting against aging and living a healthy life should be a choice for everyone, rich or poor.

In the foreseeable future, we will write more medical information about health and anti-aging, and provide more smart choices for daily life.