【accmask】來自台灣的祝福 不同顏色的台灣口罩

accmask Blessings from Taiwan Taiwan masks in different colors

The accmask mask from Taiwan, in addition to the traditional light blue, also has black and yellow options. Taiwan's blessings really make many people look forward to it. An ordinary surgical mask connects the two places.

Earlier, when there was a shortage of masks, all we needed were masks, but now that the supply of masks is relatively stable, the colors can also be used for daily matching.

Earlier, Dr. Li Qinglong's combination of masks and suits aroused even more buzz in the city. It was really impressive to be able to achieve this effect when a mask was hard to find at the time. Masks of different colors are now relatively easy to buy. I don't know how everyone will use masks as a match.

Li Qinglong 7-color mask Taiwan mask
Image source: Hong Kong Shiduoshi We Toast HK February 14th

Black Taiwanese masks have always been a must-have for hipsters
black taiwan mask

The simple and down-to-earth style is definitely a must-have match in your life. As a versatile color, black can save you a lot of troubles. The masks made in Taiwan are flashy and solid, and at the same time, the anti-epidemic can also help you Add a little style to your life.

The blue Taiwanese masks are also popular favorites
blue taiwan mask

The plain blue masks give everyone a simple and safe feeling. Made in Taiwan, made in Taiwan, these small words are also a thoughtful gift to family, friends, and relatives. The simple style makes you not have a little worry when you go out. You can also keep a happy heart in the mask.

Yellow Taiwanese masks are even more popular among Hong Kong people
Yellow Taiwan mask

According to the sales figures of accmask in the past few days, yellow has become a hot topic. Taiwanese factories originally did not mass-produce this color, but yellow masks are like a friendship knot in the hearts of Hong Kong people. The fresh mask color can definitely bring you a visual impact.

😁Many customers who have ordered accmask want to see the actual picture of the mask. Today I made a close-up mirror to show you the structure of the Made in Taiwan mask!

🔹Surface layer - PP non-woven non-woven fabric, water-repellent and prevents the penetration of mouth foam and mist.

▫️Middle layer - MB melt-blown non-woven fabric, effective filtration barrier.

⚪️Bottom layer - PP+PE composite fiber, skin-friendly material with good air permeability, can absorb breathable moisture, comfortable and dry.

To sum it up, Taiwan's masks are truly a treasure, and they have received support from many people since the lockdown was lifted on June 1.

accmask looks forward to providing you with more masks of different colors in the future, making Dading a little sweeter during the anti-epidemic period.

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