【accmask】將為大家提供貨源穩定的「made in taiwan」口罩

During the epidemic period, everyone is in danger. Even if they are lucky enough to buy a large number of masks for epidemic prevention, both merchants and users will worry about their quality and durability. However, during the mad rush for masks over the past few months, everyone has rapidly improved their awareness of masks, and it is no longer easy to be deceived or mistakenly buy inferior masks. In addition to paying attention to the three major test standards BFE (bacterial filtration efficiency), PFE (particulate filtration efficiency) and VFE (virus filtration efficiency) in the process of purchasing a mask, it is also necessary to restore the basic steps and pay attention to the manufacturer and origin. Apart from Japan, which is the most popular among travelers, Taiwanese masks have unexpectedly become the first choice of people from all over the world.

Taiwan masks
File Photo: Commuters wear face masks to protect themselves from the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) spread during morning rush hour traffic in Taipei,

As we all know, Taiwan has achieved good results in this fight against the epidemic, which has also increased the credibility of Taiwan's masks. However, during the most severe period, Taiwan banned the export of masks, which made it impossible for everyone to buy them in time. Recently, however, good news has finally come from Taiwan that the government will lift the ban on June 1 and begin exporting Taiwanese masks. At this moment, " made in taiwan " will definitely become the next hot label. Fortunately, the Hong Kong brand accmask has long-term plans. In February, it contacted Taiwan’s official mask unit, expecting to introduce a large number of masks to meet the urgent needs of Hong Kong citizens after the lifting of the ban. It is expected to be released in mid-June.

After the current epidemic, everyone has begun to pay attention to masks and other anti-epidemic supplies, so the brand will continue to cooperate with Taiwanese mask companies to provide you with masks with a stable supply.

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File Photo: taiwannews