【accmask】台灣口罩解封 台灣製造口罩登錄香港

Taiwan masks unblocked, Taiwan-made masks registered in Hong Kong

Under the epidemic situation, masks are still an important material for epidemic prevention. The ban on masks in Taiwan was lifted on June 1.

Taiwan's daily mask production capacity has jumped to 25 million. After the export restrictions are lifted, in addition to maintaining inventory, combat readiness, and people's livelihood, Taiwanese mask manufacturers can freely buy and sell the remaining output. Mask manufacturers estimate that after the ban is lifted, about 6 million to 8 million masks can be freely sold every day.

According to the authorities, the current inventory of masks in Taiwan is between 200 million and 300 million, which is sufficient. The warehouse is also close to being full. After the domestic demand is fully met, it can be exported to other countries to continue to fight the epidemic.

Foreign businessmen who previously had an export agreement with manufacturers can sell masks in Taiwan, and Hong Kong will soon be able to buy masks made in Taiwan.

accmask is very honored to be the first batch of Hong Kong businessmen to arrive after the export restriction order. I hope that blessings from Taiwan, Taiwan masks can meet everyone's needs, and we will fight the epidemic together.