For the impression of pink, most people will think that it represents the tone of women. But at the beginning of the 20th century, human beings had not yet clearly defined the gender of color. Some baby clothing publications at the time even suggested that boys should wear pink and girls should wear blue. Jiaxin's pink represents decisiveness in doing things; the second blue represents meticulousness and exquisiteness. However, until the 1980s , in order to clearly separate men's and women's products, merchants coincidentally used blue to represent boys and pink to represent girls. In this way, this gender definition is ingrained in the human mind.

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The recent epidemic is raging, and it is hard to find a mask. No matter what color mask, as long as it meets the specifications, you must wear it on your face. Boys may resist wearing a pink mask. However, according to the results of Japan's research on the color of masks, pink masks can effectively enhance personal charm.

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In the study, 33 men and women were invited , and they were shown pictures of wearing white masks, pink masks and no masks, and the pink masks ran out. Both boys and girls think that they are more attractive than no mask and white mask.

Why does the pink mask have such magical power to make the user different? In addition to being associated with cuteness whenever humans see pink, its color is reflected on the face to make it look healthier and ruddy. After reading the above research, will it give you a deeper understanding of pink masks?

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Manufactured in Taiwan, besides the basic blue color, accmask also produces different colors. Among them are the pink masks that the Japanese love most. If you want to make yourself more attractive, you might as well buy a box and challenge it.

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