The editor wore a black mask and walked around, and went to the 3 places on the left where people most often wear masks to measure!

The first actual measurement location: Hot Street in Summer
accmask black mask made in Taiwan
Because it is black, I expected it would be very hot, but it is surprisingly not as hard as I imagined. Even if I wear it in the sun, I don’t feel dizzy and trembling. The air permeability is 100 points for me !

The second actual measurement location: Sports Place Gym
black taiwan mask
If you don’t try it, you have to try wearing a mask to go to the gym . There is no problem with exhaling all the way. The whole process is not painful at all. It’s enough to struggle. Before the gym room epidemic, everyone didn’t do gym, e Everyone in the gym at home must wear a mask. If the air permeability is poor, it will be almost wild.

The third actual measurement location: public transport
Black Taiwanese masks on public transport
It's a densely populated virus and germ battlefield, and it's inevitable that there will be a little bit of uneasiness even with a beautiful mask, but maybe because it's made in Taiwan , the editor is very happy to train on the bus this time.

In general
I don’t know if it’s because I wear a foreign brand, but this mask doesn’t feel loose and fluttery. When I wear it, it feels a lot closer to my face. The most surprising thing is that it doesn’t feel baked at all. The elastic bands are very comfortable, and the nose position It is so easy to shape and stick to the face . And the colors are so unique, the editor who usually wears a blue road mask has measured it all day long and feels that someone will look at him with jealous eyes (mistake).

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