Beauty is not just a patent for girls. In recent years, boys have begun to pay attention to personal grooming. Some companies even offer classes to improve the appearance of their employees. However, during the spread of the epidemic, even if you put on the best makeup, the best hairstyle, and the best clothes, an ordinary-looking mask can ruin the whole look. In the past, many brands took the opportunity to launch expensive luxury masks, but the functions are different.

How about going back to the basics and looking for a surgical mask that suits you? After the epidemic stabilized, masks of different colors began to be launched on the market, among which black masks were the most popular among fashion people. Because black is easy to hide the details on the mask, and at the same time get rid of everyone's impression of surgical masks in the past.

At the fashion week in January, it was easy to see that many guests wore simple black masks with the latest designs of major brands, instantly making the whole look stronger than usual, making people focus on you on the dress.

If you are still looking for a standard black mask, accmask should be able to save your image and anti-epidemic problems.

The masks come from Taiwan's official mask production unit. They have passed multiple mask tests and are absolutely perfect both internally and externally, allowing you to match your daily looks without worry, and look as dazzling as attending a fashion week every day.


Ben Awin/ Hypebeast